Politics Versus The Erection










Hatred For Mankind



Venom Prison - Primeval
Venomous Concept - Politics Versus The Erection
Sluagh - I
Dad - Better Reality split
Segregationem Scribendarum
Lake Baikal - Glacier Artery
Lord Trahald - Demo
Blanchard - Holy Shit
King Witch - Body Of Light
Lake Baikal - Nest
Colpocleisis - Slovakian Traffic Cone
Falaun - Fools
Omega Throne - In Loving Memory Of Humankind
Video Nasties - Dominion
Colpocleisis - Masturbational Burnout
Lake Baikal - Astral Rot
Colpocleisis - Third Degree Gurns
Dragged Into Sunlight - Terminal Aggressor II


Coughin Vicars - Post Omission Overtures
Climate Of Fear - Kingdom of Discontent
Mairu - WIld Darkened Eyes
Vultures - Hunger
Dao - Worthless
Soulphernus - Self Titled
Dan Bibby & The Aesthetic Knobs - Keeping People Happy
Infants - Apple Of Her Eye
Calm - Mantra One
Mairu - The Sacred Dissonance
Venom Prison - Samsara
Gets Worse - Snubbed
Mairu - Dawn Creature
Blitzkrieg - Blind Faith
Coltsblood - UN split
Defining Lines - As Our Souls Depart
Abysm - Touching The Cold Hand Of God


Tohu - S/T
Nihilitia - The Middle Finger Salute
Terror Claws - S/T
Video Nasties - Viva Deth
1968 - Ballads Of The Godless
Chamber - Disaffect
Deus Vermin - Monument To Decay
Infants - Forget Me Knot
King Witch - Under The Mountain
Gets Worse - Endless Swarm split


Mincemeat - EP
Video Nasties - Transvoltum
Colpocleisis - Fallopian Fallout
Dawn Ray'd - The Unlawful Assembly
BOAK - Movies

Corrupt Moral Altar - Eunoia
Nihility - Imprisoned Eternal
DVNE - Asheran
Gets Worse - Struggle
Lake Baikal - Warrens/Wilt
Cold Fell - Irwell
Never - Demo
1968 - Fortuna Havana


Gets Worse - Blacked Out
Venom Prison - Animus
Cancerous Womb - It Came To This
Omnipotent Hysteria - Abbatoir Of Slain Deities
Corrupt Moral Altar - Hicks Kinison split
The Day Man Lost - Suffering Mind split
Rotting Repugnancy - Harbingers Of The Last Judgement


Gets Worse - The Blues
Dragged Into Sunlight/Gnaw Their Tongues - NV
Times Of Collapse - Regression
Dawn Ray'd - A Thorn, A Blight
Carcinoma - S/T
Crepitation - Violence Of The Slams
Gets Worse - Yellow Belly
Gets Worse - Henry Fonda split
Ninkharsag - The Blood Of Celestial Kings
Oblivionized - Life Is A Struggle, Give Up
Foetal Juice - Split with Human Landfill
Gets Worse - White Horse
Beautality - Einfallen


Mountains Crave - S/T
DVNE - Aurora Majesty
Gets Worse - Fissure split
Corrupt Moral Altar - Mechanical Tides
The Jeffrey Uppercut - Dirty Bastard
We Came Out Like Tigers - Ever-Crushed At Pecket's Well
Ancient Ascendant - Echoes And Cinder
Horsebastard - Girrafetermath


DVNE - Progenitor
Salem Rages - Aspects Of The Deepest Gloom
Foetal Juice - Big Trouble In Little Vagina
Twin Bee - Power Up! Speed Up!
The Day Man Lost - Prolefeed split
Ninkharsag - The Essential Salts Of Human Dust
Black Magician - The Pursuivant
Corrupt Moral Altar - Whiskey Sierra
Crypt Lurker - Baneful Magic, Death Worship And Necromancy Rites Archaic
Acolyte - Alta
For This World Is Hollow And These Hands Have Touched The Sky
Gets Worse - Negative
Confine - Setting Fire To The Western Hemisphere
The Jeffrey Uppercut - Live Hard
Rat Faced Bastard - Fuckwound
Dr Aids - Aids Infected Shit
Corrupt Moral Altar - Luciferian Deathcult
Gets Worse - Year Of The Bastard


Dragged Into Sunlight - Widowmaker
We Came Out Like Tigers - Agelessness & Lack
Corrupt Moral Altar - Needle Drugs
Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues
Gets Worse - S/T
Salem Rages - Violence Rages
Electric Wizard - Legalize Drugs And Murder
The Treeman - Ghost Of Love

pre 2012

Super Intense Corpse Muncher - Exponential Growth Phase
Acolyte - Leng
Magpyes - Split Roast
Dragged Into Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind
Macho Insecurity - The Shit End Of The Stick
Magpyes - The Atrocity Exhibit/Jesus Of Spazzareth split
Dragged Into Sunlight - Terminal Aggressor
Narcosis - Best Served Cold
The Atrocity Exhibit - One In One Out
Cold Ones - S/T
Magpyes - The True Magpyes
Magpyes - S/T
More Than A Joke - Trojan Whores
Cold Ones - Demo
Hammer Attack - Demo
Magpyes - Split with The Arcane War Machine
Magpyes - Demo