By: Tom Dring On: February 20, 2019 In: Discography Comments: 0

magpyes-demoThis is the first ‘release’ I remember recording, I was at KGV college in Southport so my other recordings were just whatever A Level work I was doing at the time (I may post the recording of Dead by Converge at some point, although probably not…). I was messing around with drum programming in Cubase and tuning my £70 Encore guitar down to G, basically seeing if I could come anything close to sounding like Agoraphobic Nosebleed or Mortician and ended up writing what became the first Magpyes demo.

It was recorded relatively ‘analogue’ even though the drums were programmed. They were played out from the computer through a Soundcraft Spirit desk onto a 24 channel Mackie hard disk recorder, then I tracked guitars through a POD XT Pro (Du Hast setting, of course), the bass sound was a Marshall Jackhammer pedal (patented Magpyes bass tone) through some sort of cheap 50 watt Marshall bass amp, and finally vocals were tracked with an SM58 through a cheap Behringer compressor with the ratio at infinity:1

Mixing had to be done pretty much straight away, because room had to be made on the hard disk recorder for actual college work. For some reason the guitar on the right hand side of the mix is way quieter than the left, I was probably in a rush and knocked a fader during the final mixdown. Still had time to chuck some dodgy flange on the vocals on Death Walked In High Heels though, and although I don’t remember actively making that choice, I guess it is akin to some ANB vocal effects on The Poacher Diaries. Track 5 is an Old Man Gloom cover, which featured Jay Randall of ANB on the original. Notice a recurring theme yet?

We made 25 copies of this demo initially with a red cover and one ultra glossy one which I still have somewhere. Probably not worth the £3.50 we were selling them for, then or now. They still look nice though.

Magpyes Demo