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This demo was the precursor to me deciding I could eventually do this for a living. I was away at Leeds Metropolitan University studying Music Technology (more studying booze and gigs in reality), and had bought a cheap set of T-Bone drum mics, an SM57 and an SM58 so was pretty set to record basic full band setups my with Alesis Multimix Firewire 16, which was a bit misleading as it only had 8 XLR inputs.

If I recall I was home from Leeds for the end of term, working on ASDA checkouts as my student loan was inevitably drained, and my friend Adam (now in Corrupt Moral Altar with me) showed me his new powerviolence band, Hammer Attack. I listened to the demo and feeling cocky I asked how much they paid to have it recorded, as I was sure I could do a better job. It was £50 (pretty cheap to be fair), so I said I’d re-record it for free.
They booked a rehearsal room at Vulcan Studios in Liverpool for a few hours and we redid the whole thing live. Mics on the kick, snare, 2 overheads, DI’d the bass, I probably used one of the tom mics for one of the guitar cabs as I only had one SM57 at the time. SM58 for Dawson on vocals, who used my ATH-M40 headphones which still mostly function 13 years later somehow, even though they look like crap and have been treated pretty badly over the years.


cold-ones-demoThe demo still came out pretty rough but was miles better than the original, which resulted in me recording the drummer’s punk band the following month for the princely sum of £50. Same setup, same room, slightly improved sound quality. This led onto a slew of demos recorded in practice rooms around Liverpool, and (including the very first version of Buried With Leeches by Dragged Into Sunlight), most of which have been lost to whatever streaming sites used to be used back then – Purevolume, Reverbnation, Myspace and all the rest I can’t remember. Myspace still has some of these tracks online, I’ve put the Cold Ones Myspace player below but the embeds rarely work, and they look like shit. Bandcamp is definitely one of the internet’s better creations, I managed to convince Adam to upload the Hammer Attack demo there yesterday. Enjoy!