By: Tom Dring On: March 10, 2019 In: Discography Comments: 0

magpyesthe-arcane-war-machineMyspace and metalcore was booming around the time we recorded this split, which was the only thing I managed to record at Leeds Met University that wasn’t uni work. Fun  fact, one of my tutors recorded Bolt Thrower’s ‘In Battle There Is No Law’.

I’d shifted from Cubase drums to the standard ‘rock kit’ in Logic, and didn’t realise that the exs24 sampler was multichannel so I ended up just processing the drums as a stereo track rather than separately, which is why they sound like they’re all fighting each other to squeeze through a narrow doorway.

At this point I’d made the leap to a 7 string guitar, a dodgy knockoff Washburn that cost me £110 from, which I tried to track through an indistinct Marshall head and cab but kept getting complaints from the studio next door that their floor was shaking. I don’t think the soundproofing was up to much at the city campus studios which is probably why they were in the process of moving the whole department to Headingley. Anyway, I think I ended up reverting to the trusty Line 6 POD and I actually still like how the guitar tone sounds to this day, although that’s partly to do with the bass just sounding like broken industrial machinery disguising some of the guitar sound.

Vocals once again were tracked through an SM58 and I vividly remember Damian hammering out Job’s Crosses, Job’s Coffins first take and disappearing below the studio window as he passed out at the end of the song. This time round I transferred everything from the hard disk recorder onto my laptop and mixed it on an old pair of hifi speakers at my uni accommodation, then made the great decision of using my student loan to pay for CD pressing… The other band then decided they didn’t want to pay for their half of the pressing even though I’d recorded and mixed their tracks for nothing and Damian had spent a ton of time on the art. At least we gained some useful life experience.