By: Tom Dring On: March 20, 2019 In: Discography Comments: 0

Cold Ones - 7The Cold Ones 7″ was the last recording I was involved in that was made entirely in Vulcan Studios, and also the first release I’d recorded that ended up on vinyl. This was a small personal milestone for me as anybody could stick their tracks on a CDR at the time, so having stuff pressed to vinyl seemed more like the real deal.

Most of the tracking was done live, aside from vocals this time round and a couple of guitar leads. This was also my first attempt at recording gang vocals, and it was definitely a gang as there were about 20 people involved. Russ (vocals) had bought a load of beers and basically arranged a swift pissup for anyone who wanted to trade shouts for booze.

I wondered for ages why someone shouted “four eyed cunt” at the end, I eventually asked Russ and he said they were referring to Foxy of SSS who was coordinating the gang shouts.┬áStill not sure why “SHAVE IT” was shouted. Some things are better left unknown.