By: Tom Dring On: April 04, 2019 In: Discography Comments: 0

The Treeman - Ghost Of LoveThe intention of these posts was to work through chronologically, but that would have resulted in abundance of consecutive posts about Magpyes releases (which nobody deserves to be put through) so I figured I’d skip forward a few years. I’d opened my current studio a few months before the end of 2011, and one of the first things I recorded there was The Treeman’s Ghost Of Love 7″.

I’m pretty sure you will have seen this guy floating around the internet at the time, toted as the “Angriest Guitar Player In The World”. I’d seen both videos so was pretty baffled when I got a phonecall from Dean (the guy who filmed the videos) asking if they could come down and record some tracks, the only stipulation being it would have to be an overnight session. I’d done the odd nocturnal recording before so that was no issue, I was just concerned about the studio getting wrecked in some sort of outburst. Dean assured me it would be fine so we went ahead and made the recording with only a few minor temper tantrums, and one almost-meltdown. Thankfully no guitars were harmed in the process, but a few months later when they came back to record some demos Dean phoned me a few hours before and asked if I had a spare guitar as ‘John had just broken his’…

I still haven’t got my copy of the clear vinyl for this, so Dean if you see this, give me a shout!